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ANPR : Vision beyond your vision.

ANPR provides automatic number plate recognition solutions for smart cities, toll, corporate parks, malls, parking lots, car washing etc. Curious to know more, call us, we will be happy to resolve your quest.

Cloud & On premise

We provide both cloud and on-premise software.

Images & Videos

We recognise both. Recognition from images, recorded videos and from live camera feeds.

ANPR Dashboard

We provide dashboard with vital insights and customise it as per needs.

Accuracy & Data capture

We have accuracy upto 95% and data capture upto 100%.

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  • Takes images from users.
  • Recognises number plates, vehicle type, region, country.
  • Runs on cloud as well as on premise.
  • High accuracy level.
  • Easy to install, very simple to use.


  • Connects with live camera or precesses recorded videos.
  • Recognises number plates, vehicle type, region, country, gives timestamp.
  • Runs on cloud as well as on-premise.
  • High accuracy level with upto 100% data capture.
  • Easy to install ANPR machine, very simple to use, processes live videos from 2-4 cameras concurrently on single machine.

Self Learning, ML & AI

  • Machine learning algorithm keeps getting better with use.
  • Learns by itself and adapts to environment.
  • Intelligent AI enables valuable data insights.
  • Algorithm developed to work for surveillance, monitoring and data points capture.
  • Customised workflow cycles easily implemented.


  • Recognises multiple vehicles and number plates in single image.
  • Processes multiple streams / lanes / cameras at single instance.
  • Processes multiple lines(1-5) Number Plates.
  • Processes multiple types of vehicles.
  • Processes multiple locations at a single time.


  • Dashboard for image processing on premise as well as cloud.
  • Dashboard for video processing on premise as well as cloud.
  • Dashboard centralised for multiple locations of single businesses..
  • Dashboard customisable to suit business needs.
  • Dashboard is easy to use, shows comprehensive data points.


Nirmal Mishra


Avanish Tiwari



ANPR Images
Per Month

Upto 20,000 lookups for images.

On-Premise / Custom

Anpr Machine & supported live camera.

ANPR Videos
Per Month

Upto 22 hours of video processing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do we provide a free trial of ANPR?

Yes, ANPR is free to try for everyone, we have provided a tool on the website where anyone can try out our ANPR software for free. In case if there are any specific queries or requirements, you can reach us out and we would be happy to help.

Do we provide a free production trial of ANPR?

No, for production use please subscribe to our plans as per your needs.

What is a lookup, how it works?

One lookup means one image sent to the ANPR engine for processing. So if you subscribe to a plan with 50k lookups per month means you can send 50k images to ANPR engine. If you exceed the limit then you will need to upgrade or wait for the next subscription cycle to start. Subscription cycle is monthly.

Do we provide customised dashboard?

Yes, we provide a generic dashboard for all our cloud subscribers as well as on-premise customers, specific customisations can be done with a nominal fee.

Do we provide offline and online solutions?

Yes, we provide cloud solutions, on-premise solutions, on-premise + cloud solutions. Depending on your need and budget you can choose the most suitable for you.


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